Collection and Analysis of Campaign Statistics

Collection and Analysis of Campaign Statistics PRODUCT     AVGIDEA, INC. 

Campaign statistics can be collected on a daily basis via accounts already linked to Twitter Ads and visualized as a graph. In addition, if a targeted list is distributed after statistics are collected, it will be displayed as an event on the graph.

Collecting Campaign Statistics

1. Log in to the ADP console, select "Advertising" -> "Campaign Analysis" menu, and click the + button.

2. Select the appropriate account and campaign and click the "MONITOR" button.

* You will need to generate a Twitter token and allow some operations on your Twitter Ads account before you can do this.

3. The relevant campaign will appear in the list. From this point on, the system will start collecting the previous day's statistics on a daily basis.

Analysis of Campaign Statistics

Graphs of the collected statistics can be used to visualize how the delivery of the targeting list has affected the number of impressions, followers, etc.

1. Log into the ADP console and select "Advertising" -> "Campaign Analysis" menu.

2. Click SET from the menu of the relevant campaign.

3. Select a range of time periods for which statistics are being collected and click the ANALYZE button.

4. The statistics will be displayed as a graph at the bottom of the screen. Click on the legend to display or hide the statistics.

If you have distributed a targeting list, the event will be displayed on the corresponding date, allowing you to understand the impact on impressions, followers, etc.