Avgidea Storage

Avgidea Storage ( ASG ) PRODUCT AVGIDEA, INC.

To use ASG as storage, you can configure a Storage datasource in advance to store data. It is also possible to share data only with specific users via ADX, and to export data shared by other users into ASG.

Uploading Data

1. Log in to the ADP console and click the Storage -> UPLOAD button.

* If multiple Storage data sources are configured, you can switch the data source from the list on the left side of the data source name.

2. When the file selection dialog box appears, select the file to upload.

3. When the upload is completed successfully, the corresponding file will be displayed in the file list.

File Operations

You can perform administrative operations on files already stored in Storage.

1. Log in to the ADP console, select Storage -> Storage Data Source, and click the Action button for the appropriate file.

2. A list of actions for the file will be displayed

EXPORT : Exports the data as an entity through another data source.

COPY : Copy the data to another data source

DOWNLOAD : Directly download the corresponding file

EXECUTE : Executes a previously created function against a file

PREVIEW : Extracts preview data from a text file from an arbitrary offset

RENAME : Rename a file

DELETE : Deletes a file (not recoverable)

File Preview

Text can be extracted from files stored in Storage by specifying the desired offset and number of bytes. *1

1. From the ADP console, select Storage -> Storage data source, and click the PREVIEW menu from the action button of the corresponding file.

2. Enter the following parameters, and click the "PREVIEW" button. *2

Offset : Start position of the text to be extracted as preview

Length : Number of bytes of text to be extracted as preview.

Input Encoding : Character encoding of the text file *3

3. Once PREVIEW has been successfully generated, you will be able to see the extracted text from the PREVIEW dialog.

Displaying Image Files

If the file extension is .png or .jpeg, an icon for displaying the image will appear next to the file name. By clicking on the icon, you can directly view the contents of the file in your browser.

1. From the ADP console, select "Storage" -> Storage data source, display the corresponding file, and click on the Image View icon.

2. The contents of the image file can be displayed in the browser.

Displaying Execution Logs

You can view the execution log of functions executed from Storage. Instructions on how to execute a function are provided here.

1. Select "Storage" from the ADP console and click the "<>" button in the upper right corner.

2. You can check the log of running and executed functions. Click the "><" button to hide it.

Note :

*1 PREVIEW function is implemented in Avgidea Function and consumes quota at runtime.

*2 If an error occurs during PREVIEW generation, it can be checked from the Avgidea Function log.

*3 The character encoding is based on Python's character encoding.