Avgidea Function

Avgidea Function ( AFX ) PRODUCT AVGIDEA, INC.

AFX is capable of executing any user-created Python program (function) against files stored in Avgidea Storage. Since all function execution is completed within ADP, there is no need to download or upload files to or from the client terminal.

By utilizing functions, data preprocessing and prediction using AI models can be performed on the storage during data analysis. Below is an example of a function implementation.

  • Character encoding conversion

  • Replacement/deletion of character strings

  • Extraction of a specific range of strings

  • Text data classification and etc.

The following four types of functions can be created and executed from the browser.

  • Line : The text file is read one line at a time and passed to the function as an argument

  • File : The file is passed to the function as an object

  • Directory : Storage Files under the data source are passed to the function as objects.

  • Standalone : Operates as an independent function, no dependency on input data

  • DataFrame : The CSV file is passed and received as a Pandas DataFrame.