Creating a DataSource : Microsoft OneDrive

Creating a DataSource : Microsoft OneDrive PRODUCT AVGIDEA, INC.

The datasource represents a database or storage in the cloud to which ADX reads and exports data.

The Microsoft OneDrive datasource is only available in ADP environments that are offered as OEM, and you must pre-register ADP as an application in Azure Active Directory.

Creating a Data Source

1. From the ADP console, click the user icon in the upper left corner of the screen to display the account information.

2. Click the "+" button from "DataSources".

3. Enter the details of the data source and click the "SELECT" button.

DataSource name : Name of the data source

Description : Description of the data source

Product : Product of the data source to connect to (Microsoft OneDrive)

4. After logging in to the Microsoft OneDrive console, select the appropriate folder and click the "OPEN" button.

5. After the corresponding folder name is automatically filled in the Data Source dialog, click the "ADD" button.

6. When the data source is successfully added, it will appear in the "DataSources" list.