Account Analysis

Account Analysis PRODUCT     AVGIDEA, INC. 

You can search and register user accounts on X (formerly Twitter) or Threads, and collect and store statistics such as the number of followers of an account on a daily basis. Statistics can be visualized for any time period.

Registering accounts

1. Login to the ADP console and select the "Social" -> "Account Analysis" menu.

2. Search for an account by selecting the social media type and entering any string of characters.

3. Click on the "+" to the right of the appropriate account to register the account.

Visualization of account statistics

Graphically display collected statistics to visualize how the delivery of your targeting list has impacted impressions and followers.

1. Login to the ADP console and select "Social" -> "Account Analysis" menu. 

2. Open the sub-menu on the right side of the relevant account and select "SET".

3. Set the desired time period and click the "ANALYZE" button.

* The Start column in the table is the date when the statistics collection started.

4. If statistics were collected during the period of interest, a graph will be drawn. You can choose to show or hide attributes such as the number of followers.