Creating a DataSource : YugabyteDB

Creating a DataSource : YugabyteDB PRODUCT AVGIDEA, INC.

The datasource represents a database or storage in the cloud to which ADX reads and exports data. YugabyteDB DataSource can be configured to access tables in YugabyteDB.

For security reasons, it's likely that YugabyteDB clusters are configured to restrict network access by specifying source IP address. You may refer to NAT router address in Account Page in order to let ADP to access the cluster.

Creating a Data Source

1. From the ADP console, click the user icon in the upper left corner of the screen to display the account information.

2. Click the "+" button from "DataSources".

3. Enter the details of the data source and click the "SELECT" button.

DataSource name : Name of the data source

Description : Description of the data source

Product : Product of the data source to connect to (Yugabyte DB)

User & Password : user & password used for connecting to the database

Host & Port : hostname and port number where YugabyteDB is running

Database name : name of the database connecting to

Load balancing : Enable load balancing (true or false)

4. When the data source is successfully added, it will appear in the DataSources list.

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