Avgidea Data Search

Avgidea Data Search ( ADS ) PRODUCT AVGIDEA, INC.

Through ADS, users can easily search and download open data scattered across the Internet. With Avgidea Data Platform for Google Sheets, users can also import data directly into Google Sheets. This reduces the burden of searching and importing open data.

The following is a list of open data that ADS is searching for.

ADS always has the latest list of ckan and Dataverse endpoints, and users can search the data in the instance by simply selecting the endpoint from the list.

Data Search and Download

Users can select the list of endpoints registered in ADS and search for data instantly.

1. Log in to the ADP console and select the "Data Search" menu.

2. Click the CKAN or DATAVERSE tab in the "Avgidea Data Search" dialog, and click the Search button for the instance to be searched in the instance list.

3. Enter a search keyword and click on the search button to display the search results on the left side of the screen.

4. You can download the data by clicking on the link of the relevant data.