Creating a DataSource : Google BigQuery

Creating a DataSource : Google BigQuery PRODUCT AVGIDEA, INC.

The datasource represents the database or storage in the cloud to which ADX will read and export data, and how to add Google BigQuery as a datasource is shown below.

Configure roles

Allow ADP to access the target dataset in Google BigQuery.

1. From the ADP console, click the user icon in the upper left corner of the screen to display the account information.

2. Copy the value of the "service account" attribute from the "User Attributes" section.

3. From the Google Cloud Console, select "BigQuery" -> "SQL workspace" menu and open the target dataset. Click "SHARE DATASET" and enter the service account you copied in step 1 as a member and grant the "BigQuery Data Editor" role.

* If you do not want to use it as a data export destination, you can also add it as a "BigQuery Data Viewer".

4. In the Google Cloud Console, go to the "IAM & Admin" -> "IAM" menu and add the service account as "BigQuery Job User". This will allow ADP to run jobs on the corresponding project and move data between projects.

Creating a DataSource

1. Return to the ADP console and click the "+" button from "DataSources".

2. Enter the details of the data source, and click the "ADD" button.

DataSource name : Name of the datasource

Description : Description of the datasource

Product : Product of the datasource to connect to (Google BigQuery)

Project ID : Project ID of Google Cloud

Dataset : Dataset ID of Google BigQuery

3. When the data source is successfully added, it will appear in the DataSources list. The value of Role will be recognized as WRITE (read-write) or READ (read-only) depending on the role assigned in "Role Settings".