Avgidea Data Exchange

Avgidea Data Exchange ( ADX ) PRODUCT AVGIDEA, INC.

Avgidea Data Exchange allows you to exchange data with any user in a private environment. You can exchange data between databases and storage in various clouds. Below is a description of terms related to ADX.


Indicates the database or storage in the cloud to which ADX connects. You can read data meta-information from a datasource and share the information with other users. It is also possible to export data to be shared by other users via the datasource.


ADX treats data in table format or CSV files as entities. Users can share and export groups of multiple entities together.

Entity Sets

Entities imported from multiple datasources can be selected and grouped together. Other users can be granted read (Reader) or edit (Editor) privileges on an entity set basis.

You can exchange data by following the steps below:

  1. Create a datasource:

  1. Creating an Entity Set

  2. Sharing an Entity Set

  3. Manipulating Entities

The list of datasources that can be exchanged will be updated as datasource types are newly added or combinations are changed.