Creating a DataSource : Amazon S3

Creating a DataSource : Amazon S3 PRODUCT AVGIDEA, INC.

The data source represents the database or storage in the cloud to which the ADX reads and exports data. The following shows how to add Amazon S3 as a data source.

Create the datasource

Grant access to the target bucket in Amazon S3 from ADP.

1. Prepare the access key and secret key for the IAM user who has access to the Amazon S3 bucket.

* When creating the datasource, create a dummy file and get the object list from ADP to determine if it is possible to write (WRITE) or read (READ).

2. From the ADP console, click the user icon in the upper left corner of the screen to display the account information.

3. Click the "+" button from "DataSources".

4. Enter the details of the datasource and click the "ADD" button.

DataSource name : Name of the datasource

Description : Description of the datasource

Product : Product of the datasource to connect to (Amazon S3)

Region : AWS region where the bucket exists

Path : Path where the data stored and read from (s3://<bucket name>/<folder>)

Key : IAM user's key

Secret Key : Secret key of IAM user

5. When the data source is successfully added, it will appear in the "DataSources" list, and the Role value will be recognized as WRITE (read-write) or READ (read-only), depending on the access permissions of the IAM user.