Execute a Function

Execute a Function PRODUCT AVGIDEA, INC.

You can execute a function on a file stored in a pre-configured Storage datasource. It is also possible to check the log output from the function.

1. From the ADP console, select Storage -> Storage data source, and click the EXECUTE menu from the action button of the corresponding file.

* The maximum execution time for a function is 30 minutes, including data and custom package loading time.

2. Select the created function and the following options, then click the "EXECUTE" button.

In-place file : Overwrite the input file with the output file after the function is executed. If not selected, the output file will be output as "<input file name>.out".

Input encoding : Character encoding of the input file.

Output encoding : Character encoding of the output file.

3. In the case of Func 1 in "Creating a Function: Line", if you run PREVIEW on the output file (data/small.csv.out), you will see that only the second column is stored.

Checking the execution log

If the function is outputting logs, you can check the execution log of the function.

1. Log in to the ADP console, select the "Function" menu, and click the "LOGS" menu of the corresponding execution log from Executions.

2. You can check the list of logs output from the function.

* Function execution logs can also be viewed from Storage.