Creating an Entity Set

Creating an Entity Set PRODUCT AVGIDEA, INC.

Entity sets can group together multiple entities. It is possible to share data with any user on an entity set basis.

Registering an Entity Set

1. Log in to the ADP console and select the Data Exchange -> Entity Set menu.

2. After clicking the "+" button, enter the entity set details and click the "SAVE" button.

Name : Entity Set Name

Description : Description of the Entity Set

DataSources : Data source from which data will be read (multiple selections possible)

Notify : Whether email notification is sent when comments are added (true or false)

3. Once the entity set has been successfully created, it will appear in the "My Entity Sets" list. At this point, access the referenced data source and tally the total number of entities as "Total Entities".

Selecting Entities

1. Click "SELECT" from the drop-down menu at the top right of the entity set.

3. By clicking the checkbox in the "Visibility" column, you can select the entities to be shared with other users.

* If you have more than one data source associated with an entity set, you can switch the data source from the icon in the upper left corner of the dialog.

4. The number of entities shared with other users will be aggregated as "Selected Entities".