Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis PRODUCT     AVGIDEA, INC. 

Register keywords in advance, collect tweets containing the keywords from X (formerly Twitter), and perform AI-based sentiment analysis on the text of the tweets. The results are aggregated and stored on a daily basis and can be visualized as a graph. One Social Token is consumed daily for each keyword.

Registering keywords

1. Login to the ADP console and select "Social" -> "Keyword Analysis" menu.

2. Enter keywords and click the "SAVE" button.

* When entering multiple keywords, separate them with a one-byte comma ( , ).

Visualization of keyword statistics

It is possible to visualize the aggregate results of sentiment analysis for tweets, specifying dates and positives and negatives.

1. Login to the ADP console and select "Social" -> "Keyword Analysis" menu. 

2. Select keywords, time period, and positive/negative labels, then click the "ANALYZE" button.

3. If tweets were collected during the target period, the aggregate results of the sentiment analysis will be displayed as a graph. You can also list the target tweets by clicking each row of the table in the lower right panel.