Access from applications

Access from applications PRODUCT     AVGIDEA, INC. 

In addition to the GUI console, ADP settings can be changed and processed via the API from custom applications and shell scripts.

To access ADP via the API, you must first register an access key and secret key from the console.

Creating API Keys

1. Log in to ADP and click the account icon in the upper left corner to display the account page.

2. Click the GENERATE API KEY button in the API Key section at the bottom of the screen to generate an API key. Multiple API keys can be created.

* When accessing ADP with an API key, access to data and execution of functions will be performed with the privileges of the key's owner.

3. The file will be saved as "adp-key-<timestamp>.txt" in your browser's download folder and the string at the end of the access key will be added to the API Key section.

* You will not be able to download the API key again from the GUI console. Please keep it in a safe place.

4. The adp-key-<timestamp>.txt file contains the access key and secret key.

Deleting API Keys

API keys that are no longer needed can be deleted from the console, and they will immediately become invalid and inaccessible to applications that use them.

1. Open the menu on the right side of the API key in the API Key section and select Delete to delete the key.

API Endpoint

At the end of the API Key section, you will see the API Endpoint (URL); by sending a request via the API Endpoint, you can have ADP perform the processing.

The URL of the API Endpoint differs between the ADP instance operated by Avgidea and the instance used by the OEM.