ADP Technical Guide


Avgidea Data Platform (ADP) provides a one-stop data management and AI application execution environment.

The ADP provides the following two interfaces.

  1. Avgidea Data Platform : via web browser

  2. Avgidea Data Platform for Google Sheets : Google Sheets Add-on

It consists of the following components :

  • Data Search (ADS)
    ADS allows you to search and download a variety of open data scattered across the Internet from a single console.

  • Query Editor (AQE)
    AQE executes queries against SPARQL endpoints or predefined BigQuery data sources on the Internet and displays the results on the console.

  • Publisher (AP)
    Companies and other organizations can expose their data to external users via ADP. It also allows existing open data to be registered as external links.

  • Prediction (APD)
    Allows users to perform sentiment analysis on arbitrary text data using deep learning techniques. At present, it supports English, French, German, English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, etc.

  • Social (AS)
    AS collects tweets by date and time based on the specified keywords, and performs sentiment analysis on the text of the tweets. It can be used to analyze your own brand and those of your competitors.

  • Data Exchange (ADX)
    Enables secure data exchange between any users in a private environment. Data Exchange (ADX) enables secure data exchange between any users in a private environment, and integrates with various cloud-based databases and storage.

  • Storage (ASG)
    Provides a unique storage space for each user. Data operations are performed via a pre-configured Storage data source.

  • Function (AFX)
    Any user-created Python program can be executed against files in the Storage.

  • Advertising (AA)
    By searching Twitter accounts and managing targeting lists according to the purpose of ad serving, you can use Twitter Ads for more effective ad serving. Targeting lists can be exported to Storage or Google Drive and imported into Twitter Ads.

You can login to the Avgidea Data Platform using any email address or an existing Facebook, Github, or Google account. After registering for an account, you will be able to use a limited number of features.

  • Using the Avgidea Data Search & Query Editor

  • Number of API calls for Avgidea Prediction: 100

  • Number of keywords that can be registered in Avgidea Social: 5

Here is a list of the components included in the various editions of ADP.